The C/O IVARSSON brand is actually a one man firm, runned by me Jonas Ivarsson. I provide small companies with laser sharp strategies, and marketing material, everything in order for my clients to sell more stuff and build a stronger brand.

All by myself? Hell no. Since the start in 2006 I worked with a bunch of highly talented people, a network of marketing professionals. So, with this network I serve my clients with basically everything from strategic planning to all the nitty gritty stuff. Here is a list of services that is provided.

But don’t misunderstand me, if you only want a flyer, I’ll help you with your flyer. No problem.

We make you sell more stuff, serving you with strategies and marketing material. Sort of a marketing department for hire.

So, look at C/O IVARSSON as your Marketing Department for hire. Speaking of hire, here is a short list of some of the brands that I’ve been working with lately:

  • L.Brador Workwear
  • Lager 157
  • One More Family
  • Wrebit
  • Wengbrand Redovisning
  • World Cup Ulricehamn
  • Enitor Plast
  • Science Park Jönköping


Jonas Ivarsson
Mobile: 0706-77 00 27
Mail: ivarsson.jonas @gmail.com

Granhöjdsgatan 12
SE52341 Ulricehamn