What we do

Working with marketing means that you do a lot of stuff in order to drive sales for the client. The C/O IVARSSON is not an exception. There is probably not anything that haven’t been done throughout the years. Here is a rough list of services that can be delivered by us:

  • Communication and marketing plans
  • Web pages
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Portrait photography (of staff members etc.)
  • Brand images (photography)
  • Logotypes
  • Movie productions (for commercial use and TV advertisements)
  • Graphical guidelines
  • Brand books
  • Business Plans and budgets
  • Campaign plans
  • Campaign material
  • Social media plans
  • Content production for web and social media
  • Advertisements for print or for web campaigns
  • SEO (search-engine optimization)
  • Product photography
  • All types of prints; flyers, posters, card board signs etc.

You’ll get the message. There is nothing that we can’t help our clients with. Together with a wide network of professionals we serve our clients with basically everything in order for them to sell more stuff.

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